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We live in 2022 and still the humans create lots of  plastic products and many people  still buy that because it is convenient.
Even though we have recycling, it amazes me that we live in a throw-away society. Why do we have to recycle? Because most products are not so durable and sustainable.

I want to contribute society with my crazy brainwaves and hope to give inspiration, creativity and awareness of nature.
I like to provide alternative gifts and toy-like products that are made from organic materials.

In balance with nature so that there is no question of overproduction, overconsumption or (empty) robbery of nature. Nature gives in abundance and provides balance.
Humans disturb this balance on a daily base. Man grabs overconfidently without giving back in a healthy way. And I think that’s unfair and unethical.

I hope that my passion and focus on sustainability and the (re)connection with nature will be contagious. It is the connection with nature and working with natural materials that appeals to me.

I work with the seasons.

This means that there are periods of rest, of sowing and reaping. Enough is enough, so no more is taken from nature than is necessary.

With Aardmanneke / Aardmanneke shop I can use various organic gardens for source materials. I grow materials in my own garden also.
As a result, not one place is continuously loaded. I mainly get other materials such as packaging, cotton threads, flax and the like from companies that are sustainable and conscious.

I do not work with chemicals, glitter, plastics or other synthetic materials. The added charm of Aardmanneke shop products is that they can change in color as the years pass by. For Glitter I use crushed stone. For platics I create my own bio-based materials.

I see and experience it as my life mission to connect people with Nature in a way that is meaningful and more profound than average.

Nature and all living “things’ and beings have Consciousness and Intelligences in a way Humans do net yet fully understand.

Nature is very intelligent in my view and experience. It is, it knows, it anticipates and reacts. It speaks several languages that we want to reason with the brain
but often unable to comprehend. As well as the techniques of nature that we as humans still do not understand or can only partially understand and can imitate.

If you see something in my webshop you like, or you would like something special, custom made, please use the contact form on this page.

Please note!

I do not  sell in bulk. I cannot (and will not) deliver to large retailers. Because this would conflict with my mission.

My shop is based on sales in the Netherlands. If you order outside the Netherlands, expect the following:
– Orders have to be payed in advance (full or partially).
– Custom made products cannot be refunded or returned.
– Delivery costs depends on country you live in.

Custom made products
When you want to order a custom made product, we will have some email contact or, if possible, by phone.
So we can talk about the wishes,details and possibilities.
I allways keep customers informed about the processes and many times I use photos to show the progress.

Products from the store
When you want to buy something from the store, please use the contact form and share the products name.
I will then contact you via e-mail.

    Mails will be answered within 48h