Custom made Magic Wand

How nice that you have an interest in the Magic Wands of Aardmanneke


Aardmanneke keeps in mind that the Moon and elements have influence on the materials he uses.That is why the production of an Aardmanneke Magic Wand can take some time.

Rules of the game.
If you choose to order and buy a Magic Wand from Aardmanneke, you automaticly choose the Way of Aardmanneke. This means he decides the final form of the Wand.
You can use the form to place your wishes and questions. Offcourse Aardmanneke will be very considerate and will keep in mind your wishes while processing the Magic Wand.
When the Wand is finished, it will be initiated with a name. You also will receive a certificate of the Wand from Aardmanneke.

If you decide to deliver your own material(s) then please keep in mind:

Aardmanneke is not happy with glitters, plastics, synthetic ribbons , fake feathers and all sorts of that kind of stuff. Those will not be used. They will be given away.
If you want to send materials, please send them as environmentally conscious possible.
Sending materials has an impact on the environment as well.

De costs?
Each Wand is unique and different. As is the whole proces of making the Wand. Therefor I cannot and will not use a fixed price.
After you have filled out the form, I can send you a free estimate. If you agree to the estimate I can proceed in making the Wand.

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